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Hundreds of millions of people use English as a main language. These flags represent the top 12 nationalities, and there are over 50 more. No more than 9-10 million know Swedish. Thus, Ristesson presents an excellent idea for the Swedes: Inter-Cultural Communication !

Textruta:               ü Knowing language is one thing, another is knowing ...
what impression you make when communicating.


Inter-Cultural Communication


Ristesson at the Southerly Clubs, Oestgoetagatan 26, SE-11646 Stockholm, SWEDEN

    telephone: +46 8 641 0606, email: ristesson@southerlyclubs.com

Southerly Clubs website: www.southerlyclubs.com

The question posed on our home page is whether or not the Swedes and their language will be a matter of archaeology in 2100 or a

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living contribution to the world

community. Language is more

than words. Mae West knew 2

languages: “English and

Body”. There’s a lot of all kinds of language to know...

Ristesson Management includes a bicultural

writer with a Chicago television background, an entertainment director, a former executive of

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The Beverly Hills Hotel, an author

and collector of history, award-

Winning creator of youth projects,

as well as a multilingual Master of Ceremonies and host of foreign guests and international events…  

As one of the departments of the Southerly Clubs of Stockholm, an umbrella which handles administration and economy, Ristesson has a

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number of sister organiza-

tions. One of them deals

with human rights, another

does cabarets in English,

one is a family society with 3000 members …

Through our 4 service categories, Ristesson can receive and host important foreign guests, give talks explaining cultural language and language

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culture, create or correct any text in Swedish, based on English,

or vice versa, and coach any individuals or groups in more careful pronunciation of  English, Spanish, German, French…

This page gives examples and accounts of past and current projects and involvements. Today, our cooperation with a management-agency  firm, a multicultural organization and a business training academy in the Stockholm area lead off. The F.U.S.I.A. cabaret school (1998-2005) was a

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grantee of the Skandia Ideas for ife Foundation. Involvement with top quality hotels is accounted for. Distinguished writing projects are mentioned, as well as an internationally appreciated book on the Kings of Sweden in English, Throne of a Thousand Years (Ristesson Ent., Ludvika & Los Angeles 1996). A multitude of entertainment projects are also covered, among them Alexandra’s 1975-76 cabarets, the 1993 Mae West Centennial and over 250 performances of Wild Side Story …